I am a King James Bible (Traditional Text), Independent, Fundamental, Soul Winning, Separated, Missionary Supporting, Church Planting Preacher. I believe in Baptism by Immersion and a Six-day literal Creation. I am Literal in Hermeneutics and PreMillennial, Dispensational, Pre-Tribulational in doctrine. I strongly support revival through worldwide evangelism and the local church; led by a male Pastor and male deacons. I respectfully reject Calvinistic, Reformed, Catholic, Armenian, Charismatic, Evolutionary, Neo-Orthodoxy, Lordship Salvation, Gap and Old Age, Theologies, Theories, and Doctrines. I disagree with Ecumenicalism, Intellectualism, Pluralism, (MultipleTranslations), Relativism, New Evangelicalism, and the Excessive Liberalism of the Contemporary Movements and Methods, believing they are not in alignment with scripture.

I believe in practical preaching to the common man, preaching and teaching the good old infallible reliable truths of God's Word and not the popular teachings, programs, theories, and tenants of man. I do not believe a man has to have a degree in order to have an effective empowered ministry; whether it be a preacher, teacher, missionary, church planter, or evangelist. Whom God calls God ordains and provides for, promotes, empowers, and protects. My goal is to simply and sincerely Expound on the Holy Scriptures which the Bible says Examines the Soul, Exposes Sin, Exonerates lost Sinners, Excites and Exhorts the laboring Servant, and Exalts our Great God and Saviour Jesus Christ! I do not preach according to what’s popular or pleasing for the approval of men but rather by what I believe is commanded by the Word of God under the conviction and guiding hand of the Spirit of Truth, the Holy Ghost.

Jesus Christ alone is my head and I am not associated with any conventions, associations, synods, diocese, etc. I operate under the sole authority of Jesus Christ and the Word of God with my accountability to the local church. I do so under the same conditions and convictions of the local church, which I believe is by Faith; my faith in God and His faithfulness to me. Therefore, I do not charge for nor demand compensation for my services. I survive on what God lays on the heart of His people for my support both prayerfully and financially.

I am not ashamed of these convictions and I believe these convictions to be self evident of the original New Testament church and the preachers and disciples it produced. At the expense of potentially closing a door of getting to meet you and preach for you, I believe in always being up front and honest with everyone about my beliefs in advance, so that they will hopefully know I have nothing but their best interest in mind. I will preach the good news of Jesus Christ and teach the Bible wherever I go, whenever I can, to whoever will ask me or let me, but I respectfully decline any invitation that want me to compromise these values that I hold dear to.

I believe in individual soul liberty where every one of us shall give account of himself or herself to God, therefore, I love everyone and pray for those who disagree with me knowing we will all have to stand in judgment for our beliefs and actions. I will preach for anyone who will have me, and allow me to do so according to these (my) beliefs stated above. Thank you.

For Jesus’ Sake, your friend brother Wade L. Prime
2 Corinthians 4:5